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Sound Quality

I played it through my Kustom Quad100DFX head through a Seismic Audio 2x15 cab and a Legion Sound 4x12 individually. I also A/B'd it against a DOD FX69B Grunge. The Grunge is too fizzy and extreme, but the Metal-X is just the ticket. It has a wider gain sweep than the Grunge, and has more useable sounds. I like it best with the gain at 10:00, the low at 3:00, and the high at 3:00. The Kustom head has shit for EQ, so the pedal makes all the difference. It's decent enough, has more mids than the Grunge and sounds like it will cut through the drums better (which is the Grunge's downfall). I do wish it had a mid sweep, but hey, I'll buy an EQ.


I know the switches on older DODs tend to take a powder, but we'll see...

General Comments

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