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Sound Quality

This chorus sounds damn good. It is pretty thick, and has that very wet 80's sound to it. With the speed you can also set it for the faster wobble/leslie type stuff. But with the depth and delay time maxed and speed set slow (as others have mentioned) you get a very thick useable sound. It nails the intro to "time after time" and other 80's songs.With alot of other chorus pedals you only get the newer "metallic" type chorus and no shout-out to the good chorus sounds, but this one has it. Perfect for what i needed.


Well it is a DOD so I fear the switch may go one day. But other than that i think it will hold up fine. Nice solid construction.

General Comments

It is great. It does not matter what style you play, if you want a good chorus sound, this pedals fits the spot. I think my Ho #2 likes it the most, but she "came from the 80's".

If it were stolen I would find out who did it and open up a 2000 year-old can of chinese whup-ass with my mad martial art skills.

No, seriously if you are reading this because you are considering buying this, you cant go wrong UNLESS you only need that trashy, metallic sounding chorus, as I cant find that spot on this pedal.


It helps me make music, because its easy to get a good sound, I spend my time playing, not rolling knobs around looking for something better. The only thing I dont like is the need for a different "type" of power supply to power it. Other than that, its great.

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