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Sound Quality

The distorted tones were ok/tolerable and a bit better than the MP1, however.... This stereo preamp had a flickering stereo right channel that would clip out constantly into mono-ville. This preamp was a lemon from Day 1. Its chorus was ok but overall, the effects were weak and NON-transparent. I returned this dead dog and stepped into the very alive ROCKTRON Chameleon and later into the wicked Voodu Valve. These "real all-in-one machines are both musically beautiful and very transparent sounding units. The pick attack is not lost and the distortions/hush are killer. ADA did me a large favor by innovating the idea for a single rack space tone machine...however, other companies successfully took it into a whole new realm and buried them alive. ADA dropped the ball.


Unreliable. Especially considering the fact that the stereo sound was defective the moment it was received. Makes you nervous from the start. BAD first impression. If I had these kind of problems in 1996, I bet others did too. Thus the company went OUT of business.

General Comments


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