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Sound Quality

Holy frikkin crap! this thing sings. It's unbelievably rich in tone.


Works great, but the jack in the back is a little loose. I have not had a tech look at it, but it's probably a pretty easy thing to fix. The cable doesn't come out of the jack, but the jack comes out of the cabinet, trailing two wires. I'm careful about this, but I wish it didn't do it.


General Comments

Seventeen years playing and I drive it with a Laney AOR100 head. Sometimes I feed the Laney with a POD if I'm looking for a Matchless sound. I might shop for other cabinets, but I tried every cab in the place (Corner Music, Nashville -- I must have tried 25 cabs) and it was FAR AND AWAY the best sounding cab with my guitar and head. It's possible, I s'pose, that I could find a better sounding cabinet, and I'd sure try, but the chances are pretty good that I'd end up with another Tonemaster 4x12.

Reviewer's Background

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