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Sound Quality

There are many good effects to use. I use it for Guitar and for singing thru. I record to my computer with Magix recording studio, it's great, i love it. I can make really professional sounding recordings. All the crap in this thing is cool. Good Effects. Better than cheap dod or boss pedals etc.... I really like the reverb in this GSP it can get you a good Super Reverb type Reverb. I think the Preamp Tubes give it a nice tone as well. You can be really creative with this GSP.


I guess. I hope so.

General Comments

I've been play for a long time. I play a delta blues tube amp peavey.

A Srat. Rock, Blues, Moder Rock. I think it does a good job. I dont Gig. I just record at home and play with friends every once in a while. If you want SRV tones buy a fulldrive 2 or tubescreamer, and mic your stuff to record. I really like the 2101, It does a good job.

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