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Sound Quality

I use a standard Strat with it and a Gibson Les Paul so i can pretty much get any sound or style i want with it and a few pedals here and there. I mainly play zeppelin type stuff so this amp is pretty good for home use. On gigs i use a Marshall 100 watt amp but because i live in an apartment i needed a smaller quieter amp for use at home.


I have yet to take it anywhere so i couldn't say how durable it is.

General Comments

I have played for 10 years or so and i think that this amp can give me what i need a good practice amp. For those idiots who said they can't play over their drummer just stop being a {censored} and just buy a louder amp. This is a practice amp, in other words don't try to play over your drummer with it because it isn't going to be loud enough turdbrains.

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