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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Very impressive, and the variety of subtle tonal possibilities makes it a very effective tool for the discriminating ear. Bang for buck, forget that notion. It's just cost effective at $40, enough to piss off the likes of "tonesnob" and other anti-establishmentites who have been duped into spending 4 times this amount for a fricking overdrive pedal built by some pothead and his buddy in their upstairs apartment in uptown. If these buttwipes spent more time learning how to caress the strings (where 99% of your tone comes from, your fingers), they could move on and get a life. But hey, ignorance is a profit-meisters playground.


Michael Moore couldn't break this thing unless he unleashed his breath or passed gas on it, whereby the wires or knobs might melt. Other than that, it's built out of steel.

General Comments

Wow, bargain, replaces the overpriced TS-9 with a more shapeable and useable eq. It's a fools paradise out there guitar junkies, get off the gear buying train and start playing with simple effective tools like this. You want the ultimate tone, play your guitar. Play it ALOT.

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