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Sound Quality

Im playing a Gibson SG Special into a Peavey Revolution 112... seriously, you can make any sound you want with this pedal, but I bought it in search of the sound Adam Jones from Tool gets, and it took me about 5 minutes flat to figure it out... also a great bass pedal...


You could take a hammer to this thing, then throw it out your window and drive over it in a MAC truck, and then plug it back in, and chances are, it will sound as good, or better... Boss Pedals are built to last...

General Comments

For any style of music that uses flange sounds, this pedal will do the job... I would absolutely replace this if anything happened to it... The only pedals I can really compare it to out of experience are the Ibanez Chorus/Flange, which is a great pedal, but the Boss BLOWS IT AWAY... UNQUESTIONED... GET A BOSS FLANGER NOW

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