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Sound Quality

my chain is this, Squier Strat/ Dearmond m66 into rogue dst-5, dano daddy-o, rogue scr-5, dod 595a phasor, dod fx747, zoom 505 II with homemade exp pedal, rocktek vibrator, rogue equalizer into fender frontman 15. Finally i'm really liking this flanger, is really versatil you can get too many sounds, flanger, chorus, ring modulator, little of sintetic digital reverb wanna be sounds and others. At first i couldn't get those psyclics flanger sounds but now it rocks.


i treat my pedals like babys, but it is built like a tank.

General Comments

i play mostly alternative, modern rock, grunge and other things with with this pedal. If i lost this pedal i will buy another dod fx747. The only flanger pedals i would like to own are maxon fl301, ibanez fl305 and morley saphire flanger, fox tzf and a lovetone ?.

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