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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I use this piece differently that most users in that I use it though the power section of various English Tube Combos. I use PAF, Soapbar, trad Strat and Tele pickups, a Hamer 12 string and an EMG strat through this rig and it sounds great with everything except the 12 string. Can't seem to get a clean enough patch for the 12 string as it smacks the front end pretty hard The noise level is comperable to the preamp of most amps. If you want trad Marshall tones at any volume...this is the best solution I've found.


I am a little worried about the beating I give it and the cold midwestern nights I've made it withstand in my trunk. But it works. Luck was on my side, I paid 100 bucks for it because the power switch was broke...never fixed it so it's on all the time when I plug it in. Love to have a backup For a piece that is reasonably complex, I consider it very reliable.

General Comments

More folks should grab one of these and find a nice tube combo amp, access the back end of the amp and find the joyous tones of a nice old Marshall. The front end of the JMP loads and acts like a nice Marshall. When the sound man gripes...and they ALWAYS gripe, you simply turn the preamp output level down. it seems to retain that "guitar plugged straight into a Marshall" relationship at managable volume levels.

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