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Sound Quality

ive used it with 2 strat copies and a telecaster it sounded good on them all, apart from it screamed abit with feedback on my strat with humbuckers so it depends whats in your guitar.I has a strong distortion with strong bass so it adds alot of thickness i was amazed of how much sustain it had.At the shop i bought it in i used this and a metal zone i tried playing some riffs with the metal zone but it didnt have the chunkiness and the sustain, i got home played this to death reacked it rocked looked at the reviews and i cant believe how many say it sucks i dont reckon its true. but make up your own mind play one.I use this with a tube works 352 solid state amp works perfect, im not sure if its really good at imatating sounds i can get some good stabbing westward tones like "everything i touch" "ungod" and filters "hey man nice shot". This pedal really kicks off with some chorus i out the depth up on my ce-3 and put the rate down it gave a good flanged distorted sound, use it with another effects pedal to get screaming feedback. all in all its good but its not perfect.


nah its not gonna break its metal the only thing to worry about is the battery cover coming off. The switch is plastic but it would be hard to break it.I would use any pedal as a backup if i had a gig

General Comments

I play abit of everything mostly rock based from led zepp nirvana filter stabbing westward nufan mest bush placebo etc. it seems to work well with most of these. Ive been playing for about 5 years ive got about 8 guitars 5 effects pedals this is second best out of my pedals the ds-2 is first only cause the range of sounds. I has a real bassy distortion thats thick thats the best thing about it. Its only been compared to a ds-1 a ds-2 a metal zone a modern fusion and a range of amp disortions but i like it second best. This pedal gives me an edge to create new sounds i havent heard with other distortions, i recommned getting this is you need a thick distortion with alot of sustain and most importantly dont let these reviews decide what to buy try it first

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