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Sound Quality

This unit did not affect the sound in any way. that is great.


I think its well made, very durable looking. Probably somewhat road worthy. But my pedals will not interface with my effects unit yet.

General Comments

I like that I can go as high as 200 effect or more. I have been able to figure the bare essentials of this pedal yet not really push it to its limts. I will rate it conservatively due to my lack of knowledge. It is alot better than 8 effects boxes or such and a spaghetti bowl of wires. That in itself is nice. I like the cosmetics of the unit, the sound feel and I was not compare it to other pedals. I boght it becuase I hear it interfaced well with my effects box. Don't use my opinions to decide its not any good. In stead read the others. I will update sometime in the future when i figure it out!

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