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yamaha CS-10
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 4th, 2006
by klingon
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Sound Quality
First of all, this is NOT for recreating "real" instruments. It's for analogue synth sounds and it does it really good considering it's pretty limited. It has one of the fattest PWM's I've ever heard. It's perfect for bass sounds. The filter is great. Even though it can't selfoscillate and act as a sine wave generator it's very flexible. At low resonance levels it's very gentle, and at high resonance levels it can be really nasty. Feedback can really make it squeal (output->external in).
The seller told me it plays in perfect tune one second after power-up and keeps its tune for as long as it's on. I didn't believe him, but I was wrong. I've never needed to tune this synth and the case seems to be pretty tough. The labels have been scraped off a little, but it's okay. Some pots are pretty noisy, but that's easily fixed. I'd totally gig with it if I were to play live some time. I don't have to keep it powered up for half an hour before the gig to get it stabilized and I don't need to tune it before I play, which is great! It's really a gig-friendly.
General Comments
If I lost mine I'd buy another one or another CS synth anyway. This is one of the best synths I've played. REALLY stable and reliable and makes a great bass synth. I really recommend it! It can really turn into a well sounding work horse for your studio. It does all the basics, but gives it an extra "edge" and makes it sound like was more than it was.
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