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Waldorf Q
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 6th, 2005
by dragonfly-j.NH1
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Sound Quality
Oh God, where do I begin? The Q is good for... well... everything. You can make just about any kind of sound with this one, from sweeping pads to booming basses to quirky wavetable effects. The three separate LFO's, three OSC's (saw, sine, pulse, tri and 2 wavetables), two filters, subOSC, four envelopes, eight effects processors and an amazing mod matrix makes the possibilities with the Q pretty much endless. Oh yeah, and pretty much everything from oscillators to filter cutoff mods and drive can be FM modulated from everything else, OSCs or LFOs. It's just crazy how much you can get out of the Q! I've used it for everything from emulating plucked instrument sounds to sweeping modulated pads, analogue-style basses and percussion effects, and it excels in every area! There's just no limit to what the Q can do! The LFO's and envelopes together with the mod matrix gives you enormous power to modulate your sounds while you're playing, opening up for all kinds of surprising effects. Still, the Q always does what you tell it to, giving you complete control over your sound.
I've used it live numerous times and it's worked flawlessly every time. I've managed to hang it a few times by sending weird SysEx data from my PC or from other synth gear, and by pulling or inserting MIDI cables while the synth was turned on, but other than that, it's stable as a rock. It's built rock solid, the casing is all metal, no plastic crap, and it'll stand for a hell of a beating. I've handled my Q with a good deal of care, and I definately recommend people take care of their gear, but I wouldn't have a problem bringing my Q to my next gig. Actually, it's the backbone of my live setup.
General Comments
Plain and simple: This is the best synth in the world, ever. Nothing can compare with it. It's got everything you could ever want in a VA synthesizer and then some. Actually, it's not even VA, it's a lot more. It's a virtual analogue, FM, wavetable, additive and subtractive synthesizer AND filterbank and arpeggiator (the most versatile and powerful in the world) and step sequencer all rolled into one. If you're only going to use one synthesizer, make it a Q. You won't regret it. I love my Q to death and if I was allowed to keep only ONE thing in my life, it would be my Q, without hesitation.
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