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V-Stack Classic Edition Valve Stack Simulator
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 6th, 2005
by John C'
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Sound Quality
the V-stack is very quiet in operation on its own, but as with most pedals the more you add the more unwanted hiss etc. you will get I use a Fender Voodoo strat with custom shop 69's-Bud wah- dunlop roto vibe-digitech bad monkey-v-stack-Arion delay-Fender 66 Blackface bassman head-celestion classic lead 2x12"
I would trust this pedal. my pedals are flightcased and I have yet to have one crap out on me. Saying that I could manage to survive a gig if it died!
General Comments
I play in a JIMI trib band. What attracted me to the v-stack was the fact that folk were saying it makes your amp sound like its wanged up! Well sorry, it didnt make my amp sound nothing like it does with the output valves cookin' It made my amp sound like a Marshall JCM 800 or worse(as far as I am concerned a 900)I would say through my particular setup it sound far to fizzy, and no amount of adjustment was gonna change that.However these are my findings with my setup. but you have to approach this pedal from a different angle to a normal od pedal.It takes a little practise if you are one of those players who never goes near the guitar volume knob, but it pays dividends, put the bass on 3'o clock same with the cut, drive on 9 o'clock and you are away. However it still was unusable with my setup for a live sound.....untill! I tried the treble booster side..WOWEE! Like I said with my setup if I cannot wind up the wick on my amp ( Cos some wet soundman claims I am drowning out the band! Yeah! right. with my bassman 50 watt head and your 6k rig!!!) It sounds a crock of shit, but turning the drive down essentially turns the V-stack into a rangemaster type treble booster. Having bought and disgarded treble boosters before, cos you still have to use them with your amp up high, I was expecting the same, but no! Aaaahhh! now you have a bass control and to tame the harshness, the cut control. I though I had died and gone to heaven, what a sound, Townshend powerchords, turn the guitar down a tad and you have Jimi from Like a rollin stone at Monteray...Little wing, Axis etc. now I just put the Digitech Bad monkey pedal in front (something the maker doesnt recommend) stomp on that for some screamin sustaining solos, and I dont wanna shut up!! Now after all, isnt that what us guitar players are searching for? the tone and feel that make us feel we are guitar gods. So, sorry for going on, but this is a pedal every blues/rock guitarist should own, it is truly versatile, and if it wasnt for the crappy knobs, which under normal, never mind stage lighting, make it impossible to see your settings. I would easily give it a 10, but im not gonna.CHANGE THE KNOBS! then you have a perfect 10
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