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TTM Devastator
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 31st, 2018
by Music For My Sanity
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Sound Quality
Original pickups sounded VERY good. I did change out the bridge for a DiMarzio PAF Pro, which is my usual go to pickup. I honestly might go BACK to the stock in house pickup. 
After the guitar arrived I tuned it up and set the truss rod. I gave it a few days to acclimate to the new environment and it has been incredibly stable. 
Can't beat it! It is so much better than any new guitar you can buy at the same price point. 
General Comments
Devastator GFXAlright, here is my breakdown. The neck is unlike any other guitar out there, in a great way. It is just smooth and plays incredibly well. The quality of the materials is well beyond the price point and this will be a guitar that ages well. I have to compare it to my 1991 USA BC Rich. I have been playing that as my primary guitar for 20 years, it still plays as good if not better than the day I got it. I had a Schecter C-1 Elite that went to hell in 2 years with a twisted neck and worn out frets, it cost $800 brand new and the repairs were way more than the guitar was worth... On a lot of levels... Plus Schecter wouldn't honor their warranty. The Schecter was also unstable as hell. I couldn't take it on stage for fear that it would go out of tune mid song. The TTM on the other hand has a feel and playability that isn't the same as the mass produced modern guitars. If the frets wear out, it will be well worth replacing. The neck is made out of a great piece of hard rock maple with a solid grain. The Schecter was painted but probably had loose uneven grain judging by the twist.TTM is not the same brand it was even 5 years ago. The owner has been incredible and in touch with me regarding my custom guitar being built in addition to the Devastator GFX they sent me.
Reviewer's Background
I have been playing guitar for 24 years and have been my own tech the entire time. I can do full set ups on my guitars and wiring. I have recorded in multimillion dollar studios and toured as a professional guitarist. 
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