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Trace Elliot Commando 15
Overall Rating
Submitted: January 28th, 2007
by Silk_1
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Sound Quality
I have three cheap basses, and this amp brings out the unique qualities of two of these three basses quite well. I have a peculiar all wood fretless Wishbass, and this amp brings out the almost upright double bass sound of that axe. I also play a Rogue viola bass with flatwounds, and this amp does a great job of matching the 60s Beatles sound. My third cheap bass is a vintage 70s Tempo with original pick ups, and the bass is capable of a wide range of rock 'n roll sounds on other amp set ups, but this amp is really only suited for clean, straight bass. The sound is clean all the way up to almost max gain and volume.
I got this combo when it was already a decade old, and it looks and plays great. It's got metal corner protectors, and it's well put together. It's never given me an ounce of trouble. The only thing is the silly single handle on top, given the weight of this thing, sooner or later that handle will give, I'm sure.
General Comments
It's a discontinued model, so anyone reading this review is like me, you stumbled across a used one and you're wondering whether to buy it or now. This combo shouldn't be compared to the new high end models Trace sells now, this was moderately priced when it was sold new. If you can get one of these for under $350, it's better than any new 100-200 watt combo amp, so snap it up. It's got a much better sound, projects better, and can get much louder than my 100 watt Kustom KBA combo. I'd also recommend it if you're looking to make a little more noise than with whatever 100 watt combo amp you already have, you can use the line out jack to daisy chain two combos to the same bass. If you need to be heard over a couple of death metal guitarists, you'll need more than this amp and it doesn't have a speaker out jack so you can't hook it up to a monster cab. If I lost this, yeah I'd look for another, but I wouldn't buy a new Trace product of any kind, since they don't care to support their obsolete models, that's just bad customer service if you ask me. Any new amp should will eventually be an obsolete model like this one.
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