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Trace Elliot Commando 15
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 24th, 2005
by Joe-UWvQF
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Sound Quality
No fuss getting the right tone, with whatever guitar you use (passive Squier, active Warwick, with or without effects). No distortion or hissing.
In allmost ten years of regular gigging and rehearsing twice a week it never-ever let me down! (touch wood...). So I carry it aroun a lot, and not always as carefull as it deserves. Compare that to the Marshall B-65, which was at the store getting one repair after another 70% of the time I've owned it (I shit you not)
General Comments
I bought the amp in November 1995 and payed about 1100 Dutch Guilders ($550) for it. It was my first amp and since then I've owned a Marshall Bass State 65, several shitty practice amps and since 2001 a Hartke 2000 with a TP 410, I use for larger gigs. I play a 5-string Warwick Streamer Stage II with Bartolini pick-ups, a Squier P-Bass and a Basscollection active with J and P-bass pickups, and use a Korg AX30B through the FX loop. If stolen or lost I would be at my witts end really, it would be a disaster... Shure I would buy the same thing! In the past decade it was able to beat anything I've ever tried, apart from Hartkes more expensive series. Anything else is not worthy of standing in this amps shadow.
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