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Thomastik SP112 Spectrum Bronze Acoustic Strings Medium-Light
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 19th, 2005
by Steve Flacy-IV4Z6
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Sound Quality
I am using the cabinet with an Ibanez SR400 bass (passive pickups and active circuitry) and a Behringer BX3000T 300 watt (at 4 ohms) head. Since my SB112 is rated at 8 ohms impedance, I guess I am pushing about 200 watts. I play without a pick, but still want to hear both bass and brightness in my notes. The SB112 handles this well. The 12? Eminence is tighter on the bottom end than most 15? speakers I have played, but does not discernibly sacrifice any low frequencies, including sub-frequencies (produced by the BX3000T [largely useless] Ultrabass function). Since the BX3000T produces a lot of hiss on the high end, I have to be careful with how I use the horn. Turning it up accentuates that hiss. However, I am quite amazed with the horn. I have played bass cabinets with horns that just did not belong there, but this one does. It allows me to turn the treble on my amp down, crank up the bass control, and still get a very articulate sound.
I have had this cabinet for about two weeks now and have played it each day. I have pushed it as hard as 200 watts will push (which is loud enough to have a policeman come by and ask that I please ?tone? it down some), and it has exhibited no rattles or buzzes. Having played rock and roll for a living for more than a decade, I have seen a lot of equipment. In my humble opinion, this cabinet is a very roadworthy box.
General Comments
If this cabinet were stolen, I would order another in a heartbeat. In fact, as soon as I determine how to break it to my better half, I will order a nice B210 Neo to sit atop my SB112. In looking at Eden, SWR, Fender and Ampeg cabinets, none sound better, they just cost more. As said previously, I spent more than a decade playing rock and roll for a living (such as it was). During that time I saw, owned and played a lot of equipment. In those days, my Sunn speaker cabinets formed a wall behind me (causing me to loose a lot of fillings). Those cabinets were big, heavy and hard to move, and when the roadies were not around, I had to move them. Back then I could only dream of small bass cabinets sounding as good as this SB112 does, and thought I would have to pay a fortune for such. Thanks to Avatar, none of us now do. Best of all, when I really thump the E string hard, the SB112 will growl (and that's good). If I want to caress a string, it has an amazingly sweet voice. This cabinet is incredible! Dave, where were you when I played rock and roll for a living?
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