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Taylor 314-CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 20th, 2018
by Macka21
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Sound Quality
Superb sound quality from this tremendous guitar. I spent a few happy hours at a very large guitar showroom in Birmingham UK (PMT) playing lots of acoustics. (I've only had it a few weeks)I've not had a decent guitar for many years and this was going to be my guitar for life so I wanted to be sure I got the right one.  I'm 100% sure I did. I went in to specifically play the Ibanez AE 500 (£1100) which I'd picked out online. It's a great looking guitar, I was beguiled by it's glitzy looks but had no idea how it might sound. I played it, and it was really nice with a great action.  I also played a few Martins. one of which was a £2500 model, can't remember which. I must say I was expecting to play the Martin, and measure everything else by it. However, I said to the guitar specialist, "I don't know what it is about the Martin, but".... and he said "It sounds like someone's playing it under blanket?" And that was it, it was kind of muted.  So, I'm sure they're awesome guitars, but I wasn't moved by the tone, and they're really rather dull looking too with that square head, so, sorry, not for me.  That left me with the Ibanez and the Taylor (£1850). I looked at them, and the Ibanez sure is pretty, but the sound of the Taylor won, it really has a beautiful sound that gives me the Goosebumps
Can't comment, only just bought it, but it's a solid  feeling unit but light at the same time?
I played guitars from £500 to £2500 and the Taylor seems by far the best sound for the money. It was more than I intended to pay, but I'm very happy I did.
General Comments
Build quality seems pretty faultless, a joy to look at inside and out  (and I do sit there a lot ,just looking at it....) It sounds great, even through a tiny crappy little amp. It comes with the deluxe hard shell case which is nicer inside than my house.  The rear strap pin is tricky to get the strap on, not sure why it's different from the front one which is fine, I'll see if I can change that, but that's my only negative comment. The (abalone) fret board clover style inlays are a nice touch, lifting it from borderline plain to understated classy. It's a dream to play, and will be again when my bleeding fingertips heal up.
Reviewer's Background
Musical idiot with almost no repertoire and who barely deserves to own such a beautiful instrument, however having my Taylor 314CE  has  completely inspired me to relearn all my old stuff and learn new stuff, I've just nailed Blackbird, so chuffed.
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