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SX Furian Electric Guitar
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 20th, 2017
by Dvqc1
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Sound Quality
I have has a couple of these now and every time I've sold one I regretted it soon after and ended up getting another one. I have owned probably 20 different Tele guitars by various makers including Fender US models and these will stand up against any others that I've had when it comes to sound.
The first one I owned I had for 3 years and it was still as good 3 years later as it was when I bought it.
For the money these are the best guitar out there. I've seen Squires sell for $400 and MIM Fenders for $500-$600 and they are no better and in some cases not as good as my $150 SX. The quality is amazing for a guitar under $200. I also have a Vintage series Strat and my friend with a Custom Shop Strat was disgusted because my SX sounds every bit as good and feels as good as his $2000 custom.
General Comments
I have owned over 600 guitars and have bought and sold guitars for over 30 years. I am by all accounts a guitar junky and have even built a few guitars. I love dealing in guitars and have learned a lot over the years and for me at least the SX guitars are the best kept secret it seems because they are possibly the finest guitars ever to come out of China. I love MIJ guitars and have owned several Matsumoku made guitars ad even have at least one now and I would rank these up there with their guitars.
Reviewer's Background
I've been in the music business since the 70's. I was the lead singer in several bands and am also a songwriter with many published works all registered with BMI. Buying and selling guitars has been a sideline for more than 30 years and I have owned over 600 guitars and have build over 20 myself. I also set up guitars for a few professional musicians. I generally maintain a personal collection of between 20-40 guitars at all times. I have guitars ranging from my $140 SX all the way to a Mike Lull Custom Strat coming in at $2,900 and also own several vintage guitars like my 78 Yamaha SG 2000.
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