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Steinberger Synapse TranScale 6-String Guitar Strings Standard Gauge
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 29th, 2005
by Charis
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Sound Quality
I like Steinbergers a lot - always have - Ned is a genius. Admittedly, this one is a blem so perhaps my gripes wouldn't apply to a new guitar. The piezos didn't work: no sound whatsoever. Additionally, the active EMGs produced only about 60% of the signal strength that my passive DiMarzios (Parker NiteFly M) produce so it was impossible to get a good comparison on the sound. I don't know if active EMGs are supposed to produce such a low signal level so I can't really say if they were working right. I can only presume it was a wiring problem affecting all pickups. And yes, I did install a brand new alkaline battery.
Based on an earlier review and my experience I think you'd be gambling big time if you depended on the piezos working.
General Comments
Seriously playing for 3 years and beginning to get a clue. Absolutely love my Parker NiteFly M - the neck is perfect. And my Carvin Vintage 16 amp is wonderful. If you want inexpensive but luscious tube sound try one. Again, I love Steinbergers and what Ned has done overall but this guitar is a disappointment. IMNSHO: in order to have a "new" product, the engineers decided to add "new" features and didn't focus adequately on quality. The rolling capo is cool but I'd rather have the piezos work. The "new" strap hook design is a significant step back from a very functional previous design. Overall, unfulfilled potential. I may try one of the MusicYo USA versions to see if the problems are related only to the MF version. Or, like someone said, maybe just spend $300 and change on the Spirit model and put in some better pickups. Keep after it, Ned: you can do better than this. You've proven it for many years.
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