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Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 26th, 2006
by klingon
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Sound Quality
The keyboard (which is the J-Wire type) is pretty okay, not great but not unusable. The keys make a loud click sound when you press them but I never get double triggers or anything like that. The sound quality is top notch. I haven't got much more to say than that it's just wonderful.
I don't know whether it's reliable or not yet since I got it the other day, but my unit seems pretty reliable. I calibrated it yesterday and now it keeps in tune very well, but I notice some tuning errors sometimes. It's analog, it's supposed to be out of tune a little! When it goes out of tune you barely notice it. I actually enjoy it. If I were to bring it to a gig I would probably set up some sort of backup just in case. It seems reliable, but since I just got it I don't know whether it is reliable or not. I probably wouldn't need the backup...
General Comments
I would probaby get a new one if mine were stolen. This is a really powerful monosynth and it looks really cool. Mine is in excellent cosmetic condition and I really enjoy looking at it. It's real eye candy. After it's calibrated it plays like a dream. I no time I can copy sounds of Yazoo and early Depeche Mode. I'm giving it a 9, because I don't know whether it's realiable yet.
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