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roland RD-700
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 23rd, 2002
by Brock Walters
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Sound Quality
The presets are awesome. Maybe the best collection of high quality keyboard sounds ever assembled in an affordable sample-playback synth. The sounds are really, really, really, good - musical & useful for almost any style & outstanding w/ a little tweaking. If you know anything about music & what keyboards are really supposed to sound like & which ones got used on which songs, you are going to be happy w/ the selection of meat-and-potatoes-working-man's-keybaord-arsenal stuff in this board. There is very little skimping on quality. I read a few reviews on here when the RD-700 first came out that said "it's not as good as the RD-600... blah, blah, blah..." Without exception, I have thought all the older RD series kybds were crap, in terms of sound quality, feel & ease of use. The RD-700 is the 1st one I've even CONSIDERED buying. The piano sound alone is a gigantic improvement over ANYTHING Roland has ever made. I have no idea what the hell those people are talking about. They are on drugs or must be completely deaf from playing in loud rock bands.
Mine has already been dropped. :) It is very sturdy. Cool grey metal chassis, thick fiberboard base. All the knobs feel very solid. The sliders are a little bit cheesy, but I think they will be ok.
General Comments
I am buying a spare so I have a new one in a box when this one dies for sure. I can't imagine ever needing another keyboard like it. It could easily replace RACKS of gear for any keyboardist. I played a PC88 for years & decided the PC2 wasn't happening. I have owned TONS of other gear. The display is really stupid. It is big enough for editing which is great, but why they don't let you choose your own font size for displying patch names is beyond me. You only get about 12 BIG characters for naming really complicated splits & layers. Also, as long as I am complaining, I wish it had multiple outputs instead of just L & R stereo, like a stereo pair for each tone (upper 1, upper 2, lower & rythym) That would have been smart & useful.... If you are a gigging keyboard player, I would seriously consider this keyboard. It's not too heavy, the shape (hump on back) is a little awkward but the action is great & it's fun to play because the sounds are so good. Recording engineers & sound guys LOVE IT!!!!!
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