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roland JV-1010
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 26th, 2000
by gothicindustial
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Sound Quality
I like the strings, basses, and pads. Nice for little backround bleepy things, but the synth leads suck. It's good for the more mundane sounds that all songs have, but weak on the evolving textured stuff and the huge hard leads that make industrial music so dark and evil (or maybe just misunderstood). If you are into electronic music, you must understand that this little half rack is an all purpose unit. Therefore, 85% of the sounds will be wasted on you. I play Industrial/EBM/Synthpop (goth stuff), and I don't get inspired on the JV. Sure, the occasional patch is good (VNV Nation use one of the presets on Praise the Fallen), but most synthy sounds are a let down. As an all purpose unit, this module could be (at least somewhat) useful in any type of music, rock, folk, electro, triphop/hiphop, etc... I find many of the sounds to feel flat when I play them. Not flat as in off pitch, but flat as in lifeless.
This thing crashes on me every week or two. Least dependable of all my synths. I don't gig right now, but if I did and I needed this thing's sounds, I'd get an XP-30 or a JV-1080 instead. I wouldn't gig with it at all.
General Comments
I wouldn't replace the JV-1010 if it were lost or stolen. I think a multi-timbral synth with only 1 stereo pair is a waste. For the money, it is very useful, but I can't imagine using all 16 channels at once. I can't even get one track of drums to sound right, since the bass drums tend to be much weaker sounding than the cymbals. Of course some external eq would fix that, but there's ONLY 1 OUTPUT!!!! ARG!!! If I add bass to the drums, that pretty string patch on midi channel 3 will become a garbled ugly mess. Having said that, the Techno board has a great Industrial drum kit. How I long for seperate outs... I have a Korg Prophecy, Roland, XP-10, Alesis NanoBass, and a MOTU MicroExpress. The JV-1010 provides most drums for my songs, as well as pads, arpeggios, basses, strings, and assorted other sounds. I'm tempted to upgrade to a JV-1080, but I don't think I like enough of the sounds to spend the cash. Overall, the JV-1010 helps me make music, but it doesn't inspire me to make music.
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