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roland Jupiter 8
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 30th, 2002
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Sound Quality
This is a very electronic sounding synth. It sounds very warm and fat. Its capable of producing those 'BIG' sounds we know and love from the 80's. This synth is capable of the most lovely pads you will ever hear...utterly stunning! It also has the sharp, bitty edge that only the best analog polys can deliver. This synth hits the sonic spot BIGTIME!. Im feeling emotional...sniff sniff :) Please remember to important facts when assesing peoples reviews of the sound: 1) Inexperienced programmers may use terms such as 'the JP8 sounds muddy' and 'not much variation...after a while it all sounds the same' Whereas.. 2) Experienced programmers will tell you the JP8 is unmatched for pure sonic brilliance, warmth of character and sonic variation. Make no mistake...the JP8 phonomenal.
This synth is so well built it may even outlive you. It is as dependible as any other synth. Just bear in mind, VA's have their own set of problems - Snap, crackel and popping sounds + OS crashes. Keep your JP8 warm and dry and DONT abuse it! Be responsible....DONT GIG WITH IT!
General Comments
Well what can I say! Im still speechless. The Roland Jupiter 8 ranks along side other great analog polys such as the - Yamaha CS80, SCI Prophet 5, Elka Synthex, Oberheim OBX-a. The 70's & 80's was a great era for analog synths....great uplifting/happy synth sounds (Erasure,Eurythmics,Genesis,Human league,PetShopBoys,Depech Mode etc etc). The introduction of mass produced 'Virtual analogs' is NOT the answer. I like the sound of some digital synths and they do have an equally important role within a mix. But I cant help but feel sorry for the new generation of music makers who have to be force fed Nords, Virus's etc etc. In my opinion the 'over use' of virtual analogs within electronic music today is slowly killing the emotion/atmosphere of the music itself. Maybe this is why most modern pop/dance/trance etc etc sounds sooooo boring. What we need now is for more manufacturers to start producing real analogs once again....for the sake of a new generation of music makers. ^ At the end of the day this is just an opinion. Long live analog.
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