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Raga Sangeet Yamaha PSR S970 Tabla Styles SFF2 Format
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 2nd, 2017
by RagaSangeet
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Sound Quality
Best Sound Quality Indian Kit Tabla Styles of Yamaha S Series Keyboards
Why Choosing Our Styles?Creating high quality Yamaha S Series Styles or Yamaha S Series Drum Beats for Yamaha PSR arranger keyboardsusually takes too much time and effort. Furthermore, the quality of the resulting Yamaha Style may not be as expected nor of good musical taste if not composed and produced by experienced professional musicians. Therefore, getting your  Yamaha Styles from professional music content providers and/or producers will be the best option to take advantage of the wide musical tastes produced and high quality styles found in professional Yamaha Styles which are marketed nowadays. If you are serious about your music career or developing your hobby with Yamaha PSR arranger keyboards, then it's time to consider enriching your musical experience with diverse genres of musical styles, and of course, selecting only the high quality styles. Do not waste your time creating and quantizing all Yamaha Style elements; instead, focus on your musical performance by using our diverse ready-made high quality Yamaha PSR Styles.Yamaha Tabla StylesNew Yamaha keyboards have Indian Kit installed in it and we make Tabla styles using that kit to give you a feel of real Bollywood Indian music with Indian instruments. These keyboard models are PSR S910, S710, S550, S650, S750, S950, A2000, i433 and some other models.As you shoudl know that some Yamaha keyboard models do not have Indian Kit in them but these have Arabic Kit which sounds closer to Tabla sounds or Arabic Duff. But even then we have created so beautiful Tabla Pattern Styles for these models using Arabic Kit, you will still enjoy these styles with very closer Bollywood music. These keyboard models are PSR 1500, 3000, 8000, 9000, 730, 630, 750, 750, 2000 etc.Tabla styles are also known as desi beats, indian drum beats,  Indian tabla rhythm, tabla beats and tabla loops etc. Before purchase listen Bollywood songs demo mp3 and these demo mp3 were developed using our own tabla styles. There are different type of tabla styles packages like Mix Styles Packages, Golden Styles Package, Classic Styles Packages, Christian Styles Packages, Indian Bhajan Packages and General Tabla Styles Packages etc. Purchase these tabla styles online using your credit card with secure 2checkout.com website. Soon after online purchase these styles will be sent automatically to your email in zip format.SFF1 and SFF2 Yamaha style file formats.The older Yamaha style format is SFF1. The newer Yamaha style  format is SFF2.Arrangers PSR-S710, PSR S-910 Tyros-3 and newer use Style-File-Format-2  or (SFF-2), which is not compatible with the E433 keyboard.Yamaha arrangers up through PSR-S700, PSR S900 and Tyros-2 use Yamaha Style-File-Format-1 (SFF-1), as does the E433.
Each tabla style 1.99 USD
General Comments
Our Mission:Our mission is to provide musicians with high quality and diverse genres of music styles and sounds that can shift their musical performance to the next level. So you do not need to spend too much boring time and effort creating a style and find at the end of the long journey of creating all the Intros, Variations, Fill-ins, Break, and Endings that the created Yamaha Style is not just the one you expected to use.
Reviewer's Background
About Us:We are one of the best music content providers who have a High-Tec musical studio. The recording arts and technology program used in our studio offers unparalleled resources for recording and performing high quality music contents. We are specialized in creating high quality music and musical aids.Visit www.RagaSangeet.com
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