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Peavey Raptor Plus
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 14th, 2017
by Gemstone Rick
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Sound Quality
This is a beginner guitar, but the pickups, with the large 1/4" pole pieces, are exceptional! I defy you to find another guitar in this price range that compares! A $299 Squier Deluxe with "alnico" pups doesn't come close! It is great stock,but I swapped out the ceramic magnets for alnico bar magnets with neodimium discs as boosters and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The upgrade cost me $9 for the alnico bar magnets and $3 for the 3mm by 1mm neodimium discs! So $12 and one hour of labor with a clothes iron and a hot glue gun and it is my favorite single coil guitar out of 45 in my collection. 
Some of these reviews by teenagers claim poor quality, but I HAVE 3 of these and one Raptor Plus TK, and they are all great! I am talking about the 3x3 headstock models, shaped like an EVH. ALL THE TK's are adler, while most the Plus's are plywood, but 2 of my 3 are adler as well. The later adler ones are lighter and a more solid, since screws strip more easily in ply.
Can't be beat on price. Used they are going for $40 to $120 and beat ANY squier. The necks are EXTREMELY comfortable and the frets are always perfect. Korean quality is evident, as these necks are Japan quality and should be played to be believed.  Forget the weird shape and stupid brand snob bias. Just close your eyes and play, the most comfortable necks EVER!
General Comments
The body shape is the most comfortable shape EVER,whether sitting or standing. And the neck is the same. You can buy this and upgrade it to where it is better than ANYTHING under $800 for less than $200 total. It's a no brainer. Look for a non plywood model or get a TK or PREDATOR PLUS if you want a tele or humbucker sound and you will not be disappointed. 
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