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Peavey Prowler
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 11th, 2018
by yoshi-JTQ2X
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Sound Quality
I picked this amp up on CL for 200 with an Eminence CV 75 speaker. It's supposed to be a 75 watt copy of the Vintage 30 w/out the mid-spike. However, The volume on clean was too low. Changed out the speaker and replaced the power tubes with Mullard (Russian re-issues) 6L6-GCs and WOW!!! Great tone, Very loud. The power tubes that were in there were not matched. Make sure you change them. Also it's a fixed bias amp so change tubes and go! Speaker is actually good but I had a Swamp Thang that I wanted to use for a more American sound. Clean is good and lead channel has a lot of gain on tap plus a volume and boost button. Good sound I'm happy, Finally.
It's a Peavey. I own Peavey amps (4 of them) because their reliability is unmatched.
Peaveys can be found 2nd hand for cheap. It's not a Mesa Boogie but I didn't spend 2 grand on an amp either. Remember, That drunk in the 2nd row doesn't know the difference between your amp and a Vintage Marshall stack.  I think Peaveys and Crates can be the best value amps out there.
General Comments
It also has an EFX loop that I use for my Alesis Pico Verb and an 8 ohm speaker extension. I can run it to my cab with a Wizard and it sounds great. Swamp Thang and Wizard are a great speaker combo. You can't run a speaker with less than 8 ohms in the extension so be careful. I needed a tube 1x12 combo for gigging with adequate Volume and tone at a decent price point. After a tune up at the shop and speaker swap and new power tubes I'm very happy. It was work but worth it. I highly recommend the Mullards as they saved this amp from being almost useless volume-wise. So... $200 amp $75 tune up $50 for tubes and a speaker (although it came with a decent one) and I got a 45 watt all tube tone machine.
Reviewer's Background
I've been playing since I was a kid. I'm 54 now. I play Dinosaur rock using a Les Paul and a Fender Tele for Blues, Rock and Country. I've played in a few bands and even played in Europe when I was in the navy. This amp holds up for sound,  volume and reliability.
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