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Peavey Cirrus Stainless Steel Strings 4XL
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 16th, 2007
by Frankie-kT.mO
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Sound Quality
I started playing bass three years ago on a basic but very honest Yamaha RBX270 entry-level bass. I wanted to upgrade and started checking out different basses : Fenders, other Yamahas, Godin, etc. But the magic happened when I started playing on a Cirrus 4. It didn't just look great, it sounded great too! I play rock and I was looking for a bass with a modern sound and lots of rumble. The Cirrus did the trick. I play it through a Hartke HS 1200 combo amp and use DR Sunbeam strings. After finding the proper settings, the bass sounded great! It has great sustain, probably because of the neck through body. I saw other reviews which mentioned the sound wasn't very clear. I disagree; this bass is very versatile and can go from a nasal tone to a very clear sound with lots of bottom. The bass is also completely silent, no matter what kind of other electronic device you stick in front of it!!
I played the bass live quite a few times and it never let me down. The finish is beautiful but I feel it would not resist rough handling in general. But I do manipulate the bass a lot and it doesn't show any wear so far. I notice I have to tune it often. Maybe the weather is playing tricks on it. It's due for a tuneup anyway.
General Comments
I guess the best thing to say about this bass is that I'm proud to play it, at home, rehearsals and on stage. It's not the best bass in the universe, but for the price, and for the weekend-warrior type of playing I'm doing, I think I got a very good bass guitar for my money. It's easy to play, and it just had that mean rumbling sound I was looking for. I know it can produce a wide variety of tones, but I mainly stick to "my sound". Great looks also. Basses with natural finish and exotic wood seems to be popular nowadays.
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