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Ovation 1651 Legend
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 8th, 2007
by Shamisen
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Sound Quality
This guitar has a full-bodied sound, with beautiful tone quality. I have had many people pick it up and they have all been incredibly impressed by it's sound. If you play acoustic music it is so adaptable to soft/loud it's fantastic. I would not trade or sell it for any other guitar. I have played/owned it since it's original purchase in 1983. It is a guitar that should be loved and taken care of. Though it can handle rough treatment it if far too beautiful to trash. Mine is in mint condition. Anything from Etheridge, Jethro Tull to Staind (which is awesome on this beauty)you name it, it will sound great on this acoustic.
I'm not sure that I would be an authority on durability of this guitar. As I stated before I took the very best of care of it. Didn't leave it laying about or use it as a coffee table or the like. It has been extremely reliable and durable but I have taken better care of it than most of the musicians I know would ever have. So of course I have had no problems. I agree that it is a collector's guitar. It would be a shame to trash it.
General Comments
I've been playing a long time, I have picked up many other folks guitars and I have always been more impressed with mine, many times so have they. I have never wanted any other guitar and I have access to a number of them. If it was stolen or lost, I would most definitely cry. I would cry loudly and a lot. I don't think I could replace it easily, nor find a used one of the same model in the same condition. I love the sound and appearence of this guitar. In my search for info on the web I found that Ovation reissued the 1651 in a very limited (like 100) production in 2005 for the twenty-fifth anniversary of John Lennon's death. It was shipped to Japan if I have the facts straight, I don't know if any remained here. It was listed as the John Lennon Legend Limited Reissue 1651-7. You can see it at But you won't find it listed at the Ovation site at all (which I thought was really weird given John's status as a musician and the fact that there are photos of him playing an Ovation just like mine in existence). This and other Ovations can hopefully be viewed at: http://www.ovationgallery.com/page6string.htm I imagine John appreciated the sound and beauty of this particular model. Good luck in finding one of these. They seem to be very scarce. I've been told it is valuable by some and others say no more than what I originally spent on it. Means nothing to me, won't sell it. I suspect it's hard enough to come by this original model that it does have a good value. If I lost my 1651 and had a lot of money I would purchase this guitar again (if I could ever find one to buy) in a heartbeat. I imagine most anyone that owned and played one probably would. I have no idea if the reissue makes the original any more valuable or cherishable. Wish I had more info to pass along but this is a great guitar.
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