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Musitronics/Mu-Tron C-200 Volume-Wah
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 14th, 2004
by ilovesharinfoo
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Sound Quality
This wah has the longest sweep ever! It does not have quite as much low end as I would like, though, so I am giving it a 9. It is very quiet when switching on and off. I have never owned a Morley wah, but from what I have read, it seems like the C-200 may have a similar sound to some of the Morley models. Its sound is tilted towards the treble range. It seems to be able to suck every bit of bass out of a tone and turn it into ear piercing ice picks. This may sound bad, but it is controllable. This is because the pedal sweep is so long. You can get a feel for where a certain frequency range is and then work that specific area. For reference, I use this with a couple old silverface Fender Champs (one Vibro model and the other regular) and a few 60's Fender Jazzmaster guitars and a '68 Gretsch Streamliner with single coil Supertron pickups. While playing, I like to flip to the neck pickup and roll the treble all the way off, then click on the C-200 and a Lovetone Big Cheese fuzz pedal. The sound is great! It still has plenty of treble even with the guitars tone knob rolled all the way off. The Mutron has a really distinct sound that really stands out from most other wahs (it stands out from EVERY other wah I have tried, but I definitely haven't tried them all). It is also devoid of the cliched midrangey tone that Crybabies and the like produce (I am not condemning them, though, they just aren't for me). I also use a Lovetone Ring Stinger ring modulator/octave fuzz with this. The Mutron absolutely works wonders with it. I use the Mutron as a filter with it and get sounds that aren't audible when the wah is off. What I mean is I get a sound going with the Ring Stinger, then tune on the Mutron and leave the pedal in a set position. Its sweep is so strong that it brings out frequencies that were previously buried in the mix (apparently this is what happens, but I am no expert :) ) I don't believe this pedal is true bypass, I mean it is 25 or so years old, but I don't notice any ill effects. If you are looking for a wah sound that is different from the traditional, I say give one of these a shot. They seem to be kind of hard to find, though, so snatch one up when you see it! Now for the volume section. I personally don't use the volume pedal mode very much. The rate seems to be really fast, but I was able to get some cool sounds the few times I did use it. Volume swells aren't really my thing, though. You can also engage the wah and volume at the same time if you like. There is also an internal trim pot. I don't quite remember, but I think it controls the volume pedal function. Perhaps I should tweak it one day. There is also a pot on the right side of the pedal that sets the level of the wah. I have it set slightly louder than my straight signal to make for the slight signal loss when the pedal sucks tons of frequencies out of the signal.
I have owned this for a while and have had no problems. Like I said above, it is over 25 years old and still works perfect, so it must be reliable. I have opened it up and it looks to be 100% original inside also. This has to say something for reliability. These also have an optical sensor that works the wah and volume, so they don't become scratchy or wear out like normal pots do. A definite plus in my opinion. One time, one of the indicator lights seemed to get stuck on. I stepped on the switch a few times and it went off and has always worked properly since then. If it wasn't for that, I would give it a 10. The sound has never ever messed up, though.
General Comments
This pedal has a unique sound and suites my needs better than any other wah I have ever owned. I looked for a long time until I found out about these and I am very happy I did. I will never look for another wah pedal. This is it for me. I may try to find another one of these someday (when I can afford it...I will be a Doctor of Pharmacy soon, though :) ) , though, just in case something ever happens to this one. They seem to fetch pretty high prices these days and I feel lucky to have found mine for the price I did. It is also in very nice condition cosmetically.
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