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Musitronics/Mu-Tron C-200 Volume-Wah
Overall Rating
Submitted: August 12th, 1998
by Ryan Lussier
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Sound Quality
Sounds groovy...No wonder why Carlos digs it...The secret to getting Carlos' tone...not true bypass but when neither effect is on it has a POSITIVE effect on tone. Fattens everything up. I don't know if Carlos has his bypassed nowadays but I think this pedal is the secret to his old tone...Very wide range of sounds...somewhere in the back/middle of the throw lurk all the traditional wah tones and man are they beautiful...but you can push the pedal back for unheard of bassy tones or you can push it forward for crazy sci-fi sounds. Trebly but not ear piercing-there is as much pedal travel up there as a vox and this is where the vox would have ended in screech but the Mu's got all these cool sounds with flanger like overtones!
Older than me and still works fine. Built like a tank. No pots to get scractchy-uses a light source and a photo receptor. The treadle raises and lowers a shield with a v shaped notch in it between the sourse/receptor varrying the amount of light. I fear these are delicate components and considering its 30 years old I'd carry my vox around just in case they gave up the ghost.
General Comments
Awsome pedal. Basically a very good wah with two more inches of bass travel,two more inches of treble travel, and after that an inch of special effect territory with flanger like overtones. Looks very cool,big and heavy metal!,Doubles as volume pedal, even wah and volume at same time!, when bypassed meatens up your tone-sound like Carlos! Thurston Moore uses one, Steve Malkmus uses one...Don't use one..let them be! Stick with your crybabys..leave these for me....
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