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Musitronics/Mu-Tron Bi-Phase
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 24th, 2003
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
The sound is excellent; the signal/noise ratio is exceptionally good. Thereīs just that one thing: itīs a dual four stage phaser that can be used as one eight stage phaser, as well. A Small Stone has six stages and sounds perfect for guitar. The Bi-Phase doesnīt have THAT great magic sound with guitar the Small Stone has. It just sounds a little boring in comparison, no matter whether you use four or eight stages. For a Rhodes, a Clavinet or Synths itīs absolutely fine. However it has become my conviction that six stages are optimum for guitars. But as should have become obvious with what Iīve said so far this unit is not to compete with the Small Stone, itīs a unit in itīs very own rights (would replace two phase90īs, though IMHO). So the guitar issue aside it must be said that the sound of the Bi-Phase is incredibly smooth and elegant.
Itīs still working like a new box even though itīs been built back in the seventies... When I first tried it the LFOīs werenīt running- checking the little plate on the back told me why: it was designed to run on 110 Volts- of course! The Bi-Phase had never been marked in Europe- at least as far as I know. So if thereīs a 220 Volts coming from your wall socket get a trafo inbetween and everything should be fine.
General Comments
At ? 150,00 this was a steal. The shop that sold it thought it was damaged (the LFOīs were not running at 220V). Iīm a little obsessed with phasers, as Iīm afraid... I just love this smoooth thing they do. Just Iīm not such a huge fan of that periodical phasing up and down with LFOīs. Playing a phaser with a pedal is an interesting alternative, yet I think an envelope follower would yield most interesting results. Anyway the Bi-Phase is one of the most interesting and most versatile units that does a lot more than phasing up and down at varying speed. It is probably more of a studio device than a piece of stage gear. Thereīs a hell of a lot of equipment available; very much of it is just so-so. The Mu-Tron Bi-Phase plays in a different league. Not only is it an extremely well designed unit in an utterly beautiful housing- it is also not possible to replace it other than with modular equipment. A true classic.
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