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Music Man RD-112 One Hundred
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 29th, 1999
by Olle-EluJK
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Sound Quality
I play a Fender Stratocaster Jap from '89 and a Fender Telecaster custom reissue '72 from the late '90's (jap too, I am a poor swede what did you expect ;) that i owned for a couple of weeks. I play Funk with a touch of psychedelic rock a'la Grateful Dead (not the countrypart of their music though..yet ;) Between the guitar and the amp i have a Ibanez Tubescreamer, a Jim Dunlop Rotovibe and a Crybaby. Since i basically only use the clean sound it suits me perfect, it has a great tone and one of the best reverbs i ever heard from a old amp like this, the tone stays in the reverb and not like many other amps just is replaced by noice hardly ressembling the original tone. It has a nice crisp and great tone, i miss some lo-mid though it can sound a little sharp sometimes, but overall the clean sound is good. The overdrive channel has a warm overdrive up to # 3-4 on the know, then it turns to a little too fuzzy sound for me, like the early Black Sabbath LP's, it seems like the original speaker can't handle the bass to good, when i have tried a Marshall 4x12" cabinet it sound great though on full distortion and when playing a Les Paul i get the perfect rock'n'roll distortion. I dont want to carry around a 4x12" at gigs so i use a Ibanez Tubescreamer instead and it works fine. All in all i am very happy with my amp and it keeps the original tone from the guitar intact and as long as you use only clean sound or moderate overdrive it is outstanding, and i never have to worry about volume cause there is PLENTY incase the PA is weak. I give the Clean sound a #10 and the distortion a #6. If you want distortion, buy something else, but for funk, jazz, blues this is the amp.
Well it breaks down like once in a year, i dont know if it's from old age or because of bouncing around in the trunk of the car so much or that the repair guy puts in some kind of timer ;-) It has never failed me on a gig so far though and thats whats counts anyway but that's either good luck or good carma...
General Comments
I have been playing guitar since the mid '80's, i also play keyboards in a early seventies hard rock/boogie band. If it was stolen i would eat Prozac and drink alot i think and do a lot of sobbing as well... I love the clean sound exept that it could have a little more boost in the lo-midrange, and if i changed the original speaker the distortion would probably sound ok. I also miss having separate EQ's for the two channels. I have played a couple of Fender twins that i loved as well but i still would not change this one in, after 10 years it is a dear ol' friend... I have played one '70's Marshall with only one channel that i loved but that is the only marshall that impressed me so far... You never know though... ;-)
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