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Music Man RD-112 One Hundred
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 1st, 2006
by trade2ski
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Sound Quality
I don't think any one amp can do everything and sound good with every guitar. However, certain amp/guitar combinations sound amazing for the right style of music. The MusicMan RD112 shines with single coil pick up guitars!! For years I had been playing a Les Paul through it. The clean channel was rich and deep, but the distortion channel stunk. Neither OD nor distorition pedals sounded very good through it with my Les Paul (1976 Custom). I almost sold the amp, but ended up buying an '83 Squier Strat (MIJ) and a '05 Tele Deluxe Special Edition. WOW!!! What a difference!! The Strat and Tele sound gorgeous through the RD112. Sparkly clean tones, gritty OD, hot blues, boppin' rockabilly, hot country and Southern Rock (think Sweet Home Alabama). Even the distortion channel sounds good with these two guitars. After owning it 20 years, I fell in love with this amp palyed with these two guitars. For Classic Rock, I switch over to my Les Paul through a Peavey Ultra 212. But for 50s, country, 60s pop, the MusicMan RD112 with the Strat or Tele is it!! So, lesson learned. Play the right guitar with the right amp for the right style of music and you can find sonic nirvana. I rate it a 10 for 50s, 60s pop, country, and southern rock which it was built for. Only a 6 or 7 for classic rock.
I've been gigging with it off and on since 1983 and not had any problems with it at all. Only regular maintenance like replacing the tubes when they wear out.
General Comments
I've been gigging for 30 years. I have two main rigs, the MusicMan RD112 that I play with a Strat and a Tele, and a Peavey Ultra 212 that I play with a 1976 Les Paul Custom. If it were stolen, I'd definitely get another. Great sound and value for the money. These sound like the pre-CBS Fenders that I used to play. Just a sweet sound with a Fender guitar.
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