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Music Man RD-112 One Hundred
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 12th, 2002
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
This amp has great sounds in either channel. The clean channel has a nice gritty distortion with the gain on ten. Think Sweet Home Alabama. When you keep the master up and the gain down, the amp has a beautiful clean sound. I have played through bf super, bf bassman, silverface pro-reverb, silvertone twing, fender blues deville, fender hotrod deluxe. This amp has the best clean sounds I've heard. I'm going to challenge people who hate the distortion channel. The truth is that you can coax some ZZ top, Aerosmith type lead/rhythm sounds out of this amp if you work with it. If you go into the distortion channel around you must turn the bass to ZERO! And you shouldn't push the mids past five. The EV speaker has way too much bass response, and this accounts for the crappy sounding distortion. But if you eg it just right, you can get some singing distortion. This amp can do some amazing things. And in fact, I like it better without the tube screamer! Just fiddle with the eq and don't turn on the bass boast. The hi boost is versatile, but remember to turn down the trebble if you use it. This is a great amp!
I was fortunate to get an amp that had absolutely no problems. The reverb on this sounds great. It is a little lighter than the fender reverb. It is more transparent. Most reverbs outside of Fender stink. This one has a great sound. If yours is broken, it's worth getting fixed!
General Comments
I give this amp a ten. I love classic rock, blues, and various clean styles. I can do everything with this amp. My black face super reverb is loaned out to a friend. I gave my son the bassman. This amp is so good that I don't really miss them, although I do love those amps too. I've listened to the trainwrecks (Great amps), Weber, Bruno...etc. The trainwreck and bruno amps are gorgeous sounding. But this amp isn't far behind and in some situations you might have a hard time telling the difference.
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