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Music Man RD-112 One Hundred
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 1st, 2007
by Cam-yjPJF
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Sound Quality
This amp sounds amazing. The reverb is truly awsome I would even put it on a level with old fender reverds... you really cant beat the spring reverb on this amp. As for clean it sounds terrific from high and bright to low and warm... and with the deep and bright boost you can get both at once. You can really acheive a wide range of tone with this amp if you sit down and play with it for a little bit. My only complain here is the gain channel I usually play with the eq set for lower mids and bass and flip the deep switch on to get a nice low and warm yet still bright sound. However the over drive channel dosent sound to great like this it gets kind of muddy and broken up but if you dial the gain down you can get a nice blues dirty sound out of it. Basially I just use a blues driver when I want a nice hard rock sound from it so essentially I get 2 levels of distortion out of it. This isnt to say you can't get a good overdrive sound out of the amp though. If you turn off the deep switch dial the bass to the 1-3 range and keep the mids under 5... you can crank the gain up on the OD channel and get an awsome classic rock sounding tube distortion out of it. The only problem for me is that with it EQed like that its clean its just a little to bright for my taste but like I said before I just use the blues driver and it sounds great.
I havent had any problems so far I havent had the amp all that long but near as I can tell the tubes look like they may be original and everything is in working order.
General Comments
Truely an awsome great sounding amp.
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