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Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School Analog Synth
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 17th, 2005
by Robert Kuenzle
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Sound Quality
It's a Moog and It's Analog so, from an analog standpoint the expressiveness/sounds are otherworldly!!! To answer the question "are some of intruments very realistic?" NO,THEY ARE NOT AND IF I WANTED SOME KIND OF PSEUDO REALISM, I'D BUY THE NEWEST OF THE NEWEST SOON TO BE OUTDATED DIGITAL PIECE OF CRAP OR SOME GOSH AWFUL VA OR PLUGIN!!! I've already gone that route many years ago. I feel that the Voyager fits well with many genres rock,jazz,classical,goth,electronica however this isn't a push and play type of machine so I'm not going to say it fits with every and all types of musical genres.
I've owned my voyager for about seven months and it appears to be very reliable and I'm confident I can depend on it. Very well built, I'd say it's built rock solid. I usually don't inject personality into my instruments but, She sounds just as beautiful as she looks and would use it with out a back up with out thinking twice.
General Comments
Overall rating I must give it a resounding 10!!! If it were lost/stolen God help thief if caught and would replace at all cost. It's well worth the money and is the best synth in it's class. I own other analogs/keyboards Polymoog 203a+280A,Arp Odyssey,Farfisa combo compact deluxe,Multimoog,Liberation,Opus 3. My first synth was digital and hated it. It was too expensive and was replaced not even two years after it was released. Since then I consumed older gear and analog synths at the time were cheap, powerful and easy to use. I remember buying a Moog Rogue for$80.00 bucks and seen a mini for under $300.00 at the guitar shops in the early to mid 90's. The sound of these keyboards are trademark and will continue to be so. It's frustrating to see what older gear is going for and all the hype that accompanies it. It seems like the young'ins are trying to emulate their idols and the elders reliving the past. I don't know maybe I stand in the middle but, the preceding were not reasons for purchasing the Voyager. I waited, researched and decided to try before I buy. When I did try I tested a model d and a voyager they basically had to cut the time short. 15/30/60 minutes is more than enough to demo a synth to them. model d was figured out.similar to multimoog, But my Multimoog had more routing capabilities plus aftertouch. The Voyager had both velocity and aftertouch and much more. Try before you buy and see! Ignore the benign subjective reviews here and see for yourself. The model d and all the hype that goes with it is unfounded! all the negative posted bull*&^ posted here belongs to the realm of myth,fantasy,folklore,airheads,hobbyists and nostalgists!!!!!!!! YOURS TRULY AND MOST SINCERELY!!!
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