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Moog Liberation
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 25th, 2004
by Robert Kuenzle
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Sound Quality
As mentioned before, ease of use is unparalled as is the case with most analog gear. Some say the liberation is all to common to the mg-1 and the rogue. To a fair degree they're accurate however, there is the force sensor/aftertouch which is also found on the Multimoog(expressive indeed)! The left hand controller also adds some more to my appreciation of the instrument. the picth ribbon also enables it produce tremelo hammer on/off effects(unique for a synth)! To further my appreciation of this synth; the sounds represent instruments not imitate them! I love the raw,gritty sounds this beauty can make! If tweaked properly she can deliver phat timberes comparable to a mini!
Had her for 4 years and not a problem yet other than lubing the sliders. I definitely would and have taken her out on the town and other than routine maintainence, I've had no problems and the only maitainence being lubing the sliders.
General Comments
Definitely irreplaceable. If stolen, God help the thief if caught! playing for close to Fourteen years and have other gear as well and don't like to be snobby or brag. Love the Liberation, It's an endless pallete of sonic enjoyment. As mentioned before, Only wish It had a sort of patch storage capability.
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