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Moog Liberation
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 17th, 2002
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
Don't buy one if you want the Minimoog sound. You'll get the basic Minimoog lead but that's it. If you're a player you'll enjoy the Liberation but if you're a sequence surfer look elsewhere. The VCOs don't go low enough for sub-bass either and the VCO octave switches are kind of limiting. VCO1 octaves are 32, 16, and 8 while VCO2 octaves are 16, 8, and 4. You can't get unison VCO beating in the bass range. I use the Liberation for leads and the expression responds very well, especially when used with echo/reverb. I tend to NOT think Minimoog when dialing up a sound, I think sax or lead guitar. Big difference.
Had it since 1988 and it's held up. Stays in tune great.
General Comments
I got this in 1988 when nobody wanted the analog stuff so don't hate me for the price I paid. It had a blown 3080 in the force sensor circuit but was otherwise fine. It doesn't get a lot of use but it's a great expressive controller. Its highlight was when I played the solo from "Frankenstein", that solo has so much going on in it that only the Liberation could pull it off, and I could ham up the act too. No more guitar players hogging the spotlight! I own seven Moogs; Minimoog, Source, Micromoog, Memorymoog, Polymoog, Taurus II, and the Liberation. The Liberation wins for expression and has a better filter than the Polymoog. The Micromoog has way better modulation options (great noise maker) and the Source and Minimoog takes the prize for ballsy bass and leads. And then there's the Memorymoog... I tend to approach the Liberation as a distinct instrument and use its expression controls to the max, I don't even think Minimoog when playing it. Yeah the Liberation is short on extreme modulation and balls but it has that great force sensor system. It'd be cool if it could be used for bass but to tell the truth it's hard to play at that end of the keyboard while it's strapped around your neck. Here's a tip: buy a wide strap and the weight won't be so bad. I got a leather strap that is three inches wide on the shoulder and it's comfortable. Don't forget straplocks too.
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