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Moog Etherwave Theremin
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 9th, 2000
by J-VwG_i
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Sound Quality
The expressiveness is really good. You can get ultra bass notes to super high pitch squeals. The hard part is just getting used to controlling it. the sound is very clean and clear. i reccomend running it through a vocoder or distortion box to get a little dirtier raunchy sound. In my band we run it through a Digitech talker. i control the Theremin while the lead sings. Its really wild.
I haven't had any problems yet. I always take it to a gig alone. I don't have enough money to buy two. It has never failed me. Although I imagine if it did break, it wouldn't be hard to fix at all. The design is very simplistic. Bob Moog really kept to the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle. Big Briar will also repair them.
General Comments
A theremin is truly a unique instrument. There are many groups who use them, but so few that play them. It takes lots of patience and hard work to get even mildly comfortable with a theremin. If you don't plan on practicing all the time don't even get one. If you do decide to buy one the Big Briar Etherwave is the one to get. Bob Moog has been building this things since the fifties, so he knows what he is doing. Also, I would reccomend investing in an auto-tuner. The kind that you can run the output through to the amp. I use the Sabine STX-1100. I have it velcroed under the theremin, away from the antenna. This will allow you to see what notes you are playing so you can develop a better ear. It also helps to train your hand movements. i have from it an indespensible tool in my quest to learn the exotic instrument.
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