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Moog Etherwave Theremin
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 3rd, 2001
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
It is not an RCA, but it sounds good enought to me, even through a guitar amp (Polytone mini-brute). It sounds like a theremin, rather than sounding like a distorted sine wave, which is what some inexpensive theremins I have heard sound like.
The theremin itself is extremely reliable, but the wall wart is made from fairly brittle plastic. I dropped it a couple of feet onto a pine floor once when moving some gear, and rather than the prongs bending (as happens with most cords), whatever they were fastened to inside broke, so now they are loose. It still works, but every time I plug it in I have to struggle to get the loose prongs lined up right, and when it is unplugged there is danger that they will come off completely. A new cord is $30 - pretty steep, although I can understand it since it is a specialty item. Still, I would recommend buying a case with the theremin if you get one, and ALWAYS keeping the cord in the case when you are not playing.
General Comments
Everyone should own a Theremin, and in this price range there is nothing out there that even begins to compete, unless you want something non-standard or build it yourself from scratch (and know what you are doing). It is made by Bob Moog, which makes it inherently cool, as well. The finish looks nice and is very durable (not a single scratch on mine yet). The pitch antenna has hit door frames and even a ceiling fan once, withoout hurting the theremin. It is one of my favorite pieces of musical equipment and, though I would not replace it immediately if it were to get stolen (money is tight and I do not use it often enough to justify buying another instead of, say, a new microphone) I would DEFINITELY want to replace it as soon as I had the extra cash.
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