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Moog CP-251 Mooger Fooger Control Processor
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 17th, 2005
by Ryan-HSgMF
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Sound Quality
I play my POS Ibanez Artcore on a Traynor YCV40A. Before the preamp goes Guitar-> Boss TU-2 -> EHX Microsynth -> MXR Q-Zone ->xonic Expandora 2000R -> J. Everman Ultra Drive, and in the FX loop I have a Moog MF-101 LPF -> MF-102 Ring Mod -> Behringer DSP2024 -> EHX Polychorus -> Paradox TZF Flanger -> H2O Chorus Echo -> Line 6 DL4. The Control Processor is sandwiched between the two moogs, supplying various voltages to each. No noise... unless you use the white noise generator as a signal source, in which case noise is the point. Nothing quite matches a moog, and this nails the sound completely. I finally have *TRUE* videogame music! The incredible quality matched with the limitless combinations for new sounds is unparalleled in the realm of guitar effects. Of course, this assumes you have at least one piece of voltage-controlled gear... preferably the moogerfooger, not only for the sheer quantity of voltage-controlled inputs and outputs, but also for the fact that they're stompboxes and not unwieldy racks. So if you at least one moogerfooger... you want the CP-251.
As usual, the build quality from Moog is stellar. Many seem to be reluctant to gig with their moogerfoogers, but I trust that they can hold up wherever the road takes them. Built tough, yet still looks like a fine piece of antique furniture. Dig on that wood paneling!
General Comments
I've always wanted a Minimoog, and this is the next best thing. And at the going price, it's a steal. This is THE way to get TRUE vintage analog synthesizer sounds with a guitar. This is the best purchase I've made so far. (aside from the moogerfoogers... but without a control processor I never would have realized their full potential)
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