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Moog CP-251 Mooger Fooger Control Processor
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 30th, 2008
by Synthcraft
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Sound Quality
This thing can make a few sounds on it's own although that is not it's true purpose.. you have a white noise output that is quite loud and best used patched through one of the attenuators (speaking of the attenuators are the perfect thing to lower the volume of the MF102 ring modulator's carrier output for integration into a line level mix). The LFOs can be heard at the audio level when patched into a signal chain though they would benefit from a boost, an effect much like a click track for the square wave and rhythmic patterns from the sample and hold circuit. That said, you get a bunch of routing and modulation functionality for what amounts to a reasonable price when compared to other modular gear . you get: a 4 input mixer with an offset control and +/- outputs, an afore mentioned white noise source, a lag processor for portamento and wave shaping effects, 2 attenuators, a sample and hold with triggers and, a square-ish and sine-ish output, and a 4 way multiple. 'bout $500 worth of synth modules.
I have fumbled each of my moogerfoogers like a football more than once and I've had them for about 7 years now with no problems ever. I do hate the plastic jacks in these things though.
General Comments
I have seen other gear come and go. The moogerfoogers have stood the test of time, and for me they have become a central part of my setup. They introduced me to modular synthesis, they make lesser effects boxes sound like dirt, and 7 years down the line I am still finding new sounds . they are a bit to big though and finding a way to connect them all without a mess of wires is a challenge. even the optional rackmount hardware results in a less than ideal configuration (all of the patch points should be in the front of the other pedals). Ironically it would be better if the cp-251 was the same size and the other moogerfoogers. I speak off the moogerfoogers as one now because you really need at least one of the pedals to make the cp-251 effective. The cp-251 is really the cornerstone of a moogerfooger effects array. I am no studio gear geek I am poor. I think that moogerfoogers are very well priced when you consider the whole package. oh yeah and I do psychedelic/harsh noise.
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