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Moog CP-251 Mooger Fooger Control Processor
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 15th, 2004
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
This thing produces no sound, but rather processes control voltage signals such as lfo's, envelopes and even oscillators. This may sound quite uninteresting, but you have to ask yourself what and how do you produce cool new sounds......the answer is modulation!!!......and this thing has bags of it!!
Not much can go wrong on this, nor could you do much to even harm it unless you went out your way to destroy it!
General Comments
As i said earlier, as did the guy below me, this thing has proven indispensible for creating new timbres and sounds, and when used in conjunction with other Moogerfoogers or any other cv capable gear, this thing stretches their usefulness almost twice again. If you are put off by this thing because you are unsure on how control voltages work, then a little reading up will go a long way to getting the most out of this unit and other Moogerfoogers, synths etc. A good tip is to browse modular analogue synth manufacturers websites, and read up on how each module works and how they can be applied to all cv related gear. I did this by reading the great descriptions of all the modules at the "analoguesystems.co.uk" website and have learned a lot without even buying a book........so i will say a big thank you to those guys at Analogue Systems and good luck in all you do! Overall i would describe this unit as one of those studio items that would not be high up on a wishlist, such as monitors, better racks, new furniture, better cables etc...... but once bought, you don't how you managed without it!
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