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Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad Digital Effect/Controller
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 10th, 2009
by axel-MXJnD
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Sound Quality
it is indeed a digital unit....it is not trying to sound analog, so it doesn't. but i like the quality of it. my only complaint is that i feel like it clips too easily sometimes. especially when using the 1/4" mic input. so, i never use it. i always use the rca jacks on the back for input and output. there is a review about two or thre reviews under this one on here....and whoever wrote that is hating on the kp2 for no reason. i am very picky with my gear....VERY picky. and i love kaoss pads. complaining about the amount of presets and not being able to use the effects together and la la la. whatever. show me the perfect unit that does all of this with a touch pad and cool sampling effects and i will shut up. but the kaoss pad is awesome. if you can build something for half the price, then build it. the sampling is very cool. you can go in and out of reversed and pitch bent samples and cut them up....i think it's great. yeah, the sampling time is limited, but it was indeed intended as a toll for djs who wouldnt exactly need a 20 sec sample. i am not a dj, but i work with the 6 secs that are available and i am happy. the kp3 has even more effects and longer sampling time but i dont have one yet. i have used one before as my friend has one. i would say it is slightly better...but it doesn't look as cool :) but i will get one soon. anyway, korg is a great affordable company that makes unique things that do cool things and are cool visually as well. no they are not a perfect company. but things can always be better, with any company. anyway, in conclusion, korg doesnt suck. i have 3 kaoss pads and they are very cool. guitar, piano, vocalswhatever. it all sounds cool through here. it isnt perfect, but it is a great tool to have at your disposal. plus they are only getting better. kp1 was pretty limited. kp2 was a huge improvement. and the kp3 is slightly better than the kp2. just, noa great design, that's all. so they're getting better! that is what matters. if the person who wrote that low-grade review actually builds something much better than the kp2 (like they say they could) if it kills the kaoss pad, and it looks cool....let me know. i'll give you $600 for it. but until then, i am sticking to this very useful tool. and no, i am not into it because i make dumb boring dance music. because i dont do that. :) !!!!
i have had them for years...i gig with them, dont have cases for them, i have dropped them...i have taken them apart completely to see how they are built...reassembled them...and they work just as good as when i got them. so, they seem pretty good to me.
General Comments
9, because everything can improve. but really, they are fun things. great uses. especially! the sampling. but some of the effects are pretty cool. without the sampling function though, i probably would very rarely use mine. sometimes, they can be a bit noisy. but, rarely and this can usually be fixed somehow with equipment adjustmanets and rearrangments. bye!
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