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Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad Digital Effect/Controller
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 4th, 2005
by Alex Furr
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Sound Quality
GREAT. I quickly filled up the 8 'stores' and found myself wanting more! I'm using it for pretty much every instrument, have three amazing mod filters/reverb for drums, another for sax and guitar, a tap delay function that sounds great, vocoder effect and a synth effect. Not getting bored yet and still finding new sounds with different instruments.
Only had it a month but not had any problem. Does feel a little like if you dropped it it would break though. not going to try though.
General Comments
I'm not a Dj and from what I gather a lot of people simply plug this bad boy into their turntable and make more interesting break beats etc... I use it alongside a group of multiinstrumentalists who play everything from saxophone to SH101, drums, congas guitar etc... I add some effect to pretty much everything during a live performance at some time or other - it really is that flexible. You need to know what works and what doesnt (vocoder only really good for talking, not singing for example) but its opened up a whole new bag of tricks for the group. We have a dedicated channel for the pad so we can then feed that back into the quad or whatever... sending to it from and Aux on the desk. That was you can get every instrument live or recorded straight into the pad. GREAT FUN! Pros --------------- 1. Amazing new sounds - much easier to use than my existing quadraverb - prety much instant wierdness if you get the right sound (experiment experiment experiment!) 2. Easy easy to setup and use... and a LOT of fun. You can almost do an entire set with just a mike and the pad by sampling yourself and then playing with that. 3. It LOOKS cool. I know, I know... but still. Very sleak and sexy next to my desk. Cons ------------------ 1. It *is* quite pricey. At a touch over 200 quid I was unsure at first if it was worth it - 2 hours later though I was proved wrong. Possibly not worth the price if yo're just going to stick ONE instrument through it though. i.e a DJ 2. Only has phono in and out so had to get a special adapater to convert from my XLR aux out to phone in. Having siad that, works a treat. 3. The sampling function only has 6 seconds on it. We use loops a LOT in our music, so its not vital, but I would have prefered to be able to record one loop for 12 seconds, rather than 2 for 6. --------------------------- Would I replace it if it were lost? YES
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