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John Pearse 300M 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 9th, 2006
by Stubi-pils
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Sound Quality
The guitar sounded good out of the box, but the neck pickup got real muddy at higher volumes, so I put in some Seymor Duncan SH-1 59's. I prefer a bright sound, so the combo of the thick maple cap with ebony fretboard fills the bill. If you want a darker sound go for the regular AL-3000 that has the thin maple veneer top.
This thing is built like a tank and weighs about as much. I'm getting up there in years and find that I prefer to use a stool when playing this beast. LP style guitars tend to agrivate my carpal tunnel syndrome, so I trade off with my 52'Tele Reissue to save wear and tear on my old body.
General Comments
I've been playing for 30 years now, and have owned way to many axes to list. I usually use this Agile and my 52'Tele for all my gigging. I now keep my LP Special hanging on the wall to impress noobs, and it costs too much to haul around and risk getting stolen.(I had a beautiful Tokai Love Rock that grew legs and walked off) If this one ever walks off I'd replace it with an Agile 3500 with Duncans. (P.S. Harmony Central needs to remove the bad review written by the Gibson Executive--they are getting pretty bad about trashing everybody elses equipment on the forums. They must think we're all stupid enough to keep shelling out huge amounts of money for their mediocre equipment--how the mighty have fallen!)
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