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Haywire Custom Guitars Telecaster
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 16th, 2016
by NJSax
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Sound Quality
I have two Haywire "teles". This review is for a Custom Tele  that I purchased new. It's loaded with Haywire's SRV pickups. These, I believe are designed to emulate a Texas Special. It's my first Tele-style guitar, so I have no reference. Other tone factors include maple body and maple neck. The guitar is wired with a treble bleed circuit mod. Because you get what you pay for and I stayed within my budget and didn't opt for high end Lollar pickups, I'll rate this as 3.5. I can see no reason why this guitar wouldn't rate a solid 5 with the optional pickups.
So far, so good. The body and neck are holding up well, and there are no issues with the electrics. I had this guitar set up with a thicker, c-profile neck. Overall, it's on the heavy side and very solid. Unlike my Gibsons or Godins, I wouldn't have a heart attack if I heard it fall off the stand, because I know it would take a lot more than that to do any serious damage to this guitar. I like that. This guitar can survive ordinary use without having to constantly keep an eye on it and pampering it. Rugged, in this category, scores higher than delicate, so it's a 5. I haven't had it that long, so reliability is still a question, and I can't go higher than 4. Both factors carry the same weight with me, so this averages out to 4.5.
I've had this guitar now for about a year. Still holding up well with no issues.
General Comments
This project started as an Ebay auction during the spring of 2015, for a new Haywire maple Tele style body with a string-thru, six saddle bridge and a comfortable, rear belly cut. I contacted the Haywire proprietor, Rick Mariner, about adding a neck and making it a complete package. We agreed on a price that included a neck to my specifications, and a full setup. The guitar arrived exactly as I wanted it. Great price, great service.
Reviewer's Background
ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer. I'm an amateur musician, playing saxophone and guitar. My current stable consists of Strats, LPs, SGs, Teles, and Godins, as well as amps and saxes.  I'm influenced by Prog Rock, Southern Rock, Punk, and Texas Western (not country), and all that for sax including Jazz - Be-bop, and Fusion. Favorite guitarists include Eric Clapton, Al DiMeola, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, John McLaughlin, and Gary Moore. I would love to be able to play jazz guitar someday but my sax won't let me.
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